Pennine Painting is a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme which promotes Sustainable Tourism.  We are very pleased to have received our Silver Award and hope to build on our green activities in the future.  If you have any suggestions please do contact us


Going Green

Pennine Painting Art Courses – Green Policy

At Pennine Painting we are committed to providing a quality experience whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities. As part of this commitment we are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, which provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.  We aim to:

•Encourage our guests to support local accommodation providers, pubs, restaurants and cafes and promote local tourist attractions and events

•Comply with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum, and regularly monitor and improve our activities

•Offer advice and support for those wishing to attend art courses using public transport

•Minimise waste by reducing and recycling including glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and clothing

•Maximise energy efficiency

•Use eco friendly cleaning products and try to minimise the use of hazardous and toxic substances eg through recycling of solvents used in painting

•Support ethical, fair trade and other socially responsible practices

•Raise awareness of environmentally sound studio practice during art classes

•Raise awareness of the beautiful local environment (an AONB)

•Support positive actions related to the local community through our membership of the group ‘Sustainable Alston Moor’

For further information on the Green Business Scheme go to